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From ruins to reinvention, existing historical architecture has been transformed and divided into five sections, each with unique industrial details as well as modern architectural features that highlight the site’s rich history.

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  • 01 The Newsroom

    Open floors allow for easy flow of creativity and northern light.


    1F 58,967 RSF
    2F 42,222 RSF
  • 02 Central Plant

    Varying levels and layers open up to
    the Sky Cut, forming an expansive exterior galley.


    1F 35,502 RSF
    2F 9,862 RSF
  • 03 The Hub

    Outside and inside come together beneath a network of catwalks and conference rooms.


    1F 50,907 RSF
    2F 24,115 RSF
    3F 27,492 RSF
  • 04 The Print Room

    Lofty, open-air spaces filled with natural light perfect for non-traditional offices.


    1F 47,150 RSF
    2F 66,322 RSF
    3F 3,728 RSF
  • Fitness Center

    State-of-the-art gym with workout and meditation classes.

    1F 14,588 RSF
  • 05 Market Hall

    Eclectic dining and entertainment opens up into a lively park and entry court.


    1F 51,639 RSF
  • Sky Cut

    An open-air, landscaped pedestrian pathway inspired by the building’s original breezeway.

  • Dog Park

    Outdoor play area for our tenants’ furry friends.

  • The Station

    A canopy-covered coffee bar, newspaper stand and ride share drop off point.

  • The Eye

    A one-acre lushly landscaped park featuring two cafes, a zen garden, art installations, and a central green for picnicking, recreation and events.

  • The Rail

    This rail spur that was used to supply paper to the Times warehouse serves now as an industrial backdrop; a reminder of years past.

  • Bicycle Storage

    Convenient storage for bike commuters.